Setting Resolutions that Stick


5 Ways to Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick

By Kim Munson

With the start of the new year, many of us reflect upon ourselves and take note of things we’d like to improve upon. Often this leads to setting resolutions, and too often these resolutions fall by the wayside without a strategy to achieve them. So how can we turn those good intentions from New Year’s into accomplishments we work on year-round?

1) Set Specific Goals

Clarify your goals. Figure out exactly what you want to achieve, and then break it down to specifics. For example, say you make a resolution to”become more fit”. What does that mean to you? loosing weight, becoming stronger, being able to keep up with your kids at the park?

2) Create Mini Goals

Once you’ve clarified your goals, break them down into specific smaller goals. For instance, Say you want to “loose weight”, you might set a goal of loosing 30 pounds over six months, with a smaller goal of loosing 5 pounds a month, or 1.25 pounds a week.

3) Set Strategy Goals

Set specific strategy goals on how to achieve your mini goals. For instance, to reach the mini goal of loosing 1.25 pounds a week, you might set these strategy goals; “join an exercise class to workout three times a week”;  “substitute a homemade lunch three times a week instead of eating out at the office”; “Meet friends for walking-dates instead of grabbing a bite out”; “Step on the scale every Sun morning to monitor progress”.

4) Celebrate the Small Stuff

Whenever you reach a goal, celebrate! Congratulate yourself and acknowledge your accomplishment. Even if the goal is seemingly small, it’s something to be proud of and will add up in the long run. Celebrate as you see fit, big and public or small and introspectively. Self-Acknowledgement in your capabilities is a powerful affirmation and will make you stronger to tackle other goals.

5) Be Kind to Yourself

Just as it is important to celebrate the small stuff, it is equally as important to be kind to yourself when things don’t go as planned. Everyone has “off-days”. If you slip-up, miss a workout, overeat, etc., acknowledge that you messed up and let it go. We are all human. We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them. Stay positive, and keep the thoughts you have about yourself positive. Negative self talk is only harmful, so be kind to yourself.

Do you need help reaching your fitness and health goals this year? Let me help you! Feel free to contact me about anything I can guide you on.

-Kim Munson


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