Coach Kim Munson

Kim has a passion for fitness and health, and helping others lead a healthy lifestyle.  Well versed in many fitness modalities, Kim uses a variety of athletic and functional training methods to get her clients results. She makes athletic based fitness accessible and enjoyable for people of all abilities, even self-declared “non-athletes”. Kim believes there is an athletic side to everyone, and enjoys bringing it out in her clients.

Specializing in outdoor athletic fitness, Kim offers a variety of  personal training and small group bootcamps. She now offers strength & conditioning sessions for general athleticism and fitness and non-sport specific middle and high school athletes, as well as offers a program specific to the serious middle school XC and track runner.  She also coaches adults who want to begin running, train for their first race, or improve their strength and conditioning to become better runners. She is available by appointment.

Kim loves working out, being outside, and breaking a sweat.  She loves running, strength training, and mountain biking.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and qualified as an instructor in TRX Suspension Training. She is a Certified Speed and Agility Coach, through Athlete’s Acceleration, and enjoys working with youth athletes improve their athletic fitness and conditioning.

She coaches XC, running fitness, and track at a local middle school, and is an assistant track coach at a local high school. She enjoys working with youth and beginning runners.

Here she is getting a Ron Capurso-Get Athletic style workout in.


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