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I’m Kim Munson, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer specializing in athletic based outdoor strength and conditioning fitness programs.  If you’re a woman who loves working out, is serious about her fitness, enjoys a challenge and is ready to take her fitness to the next level, I have a program designed for you: Badass Bootcamp – For Women Who Train Hard.


BadAss Bootcamp is for the woman who wants to train like a badass –  Athletic based fitness focusing on strength and performance that leaves your body sculpted, strong and fit AF!

This class is not for everyone: If you take pleasure in challenging yourself, are determined to improve your fitness, think working out is fun, and love the feeling you get after a hard workout that leaves you sweaty, grimy, and able to take on all life can throw at you, this is the group for you. No experience necessary, just a desire to do your best and push your limits!

Badass Bootcamp is a fitness program designed around two 50-minute fun and motivating workouts per week to get you in the best shape of your life.

We are not some health club packed with useless machines or a fitness bootcamp whose only goal is to make you tired and has no concern for actually getting you results.

Badass Bootcamp uses a proven athletic based training system to get you the fitness results you’re striving for, in a strategic way that leaves you stronger, leaner, and overall better than when you started, guaranteed. Not only is the program designed to get you looking your fittest, you will improve your overall conditioning. You will look leaner and more sculpted, but also move better and improve your strength, stamina and agility.

If a lack of motivation has been your challenge, we’ve got you covered. The coaching, small group atmosphere, and the camaraderie among the group helps everyone reach their goals and push their limits.

Workouts take place outdoors, rain or shine, in San Jose at Willow Glen High School at 6:15am Mon/Wed mornings. Badass Bootcamp is based on a small group format with no more than eight to ten participants, allowing each woman to get individual attention from the trainer. Space is very limited, register early.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, sign up for Badass Bootcamp below and take advantage of our Introductory 50% Off First Month Special.


Check Out What Other Women Have to Say About The Results They’ve Achieved At Kim Munson Fitness in San Jose…


“Kim has a very personable style of teaching. She coaches a variety of exercises that make working out fun and rewarding. She explains and demonstrates with ease, and checks on everyone individually. She keeps them involved and safe by offering substitutions for those not ready for the full extent of the exercise. I would highly recommend Kim as a trainer.”

– Meisha Grichuhin

“My fitness experience with Kim Munson was so positive. Her directions are clear, and she has a calm and encouraging style that made feel at ease right from the get go. She knows just how to make each exercise feel both accessible and challenging–which was very encouraging for a fitness newbie like me! I highly recommend taking her classes, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!”

– Kelly Sumner


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Badass Bootcamp all about?

Badass Bootcamp is an athletic based outdoor fitness program for women who like to train hard. It’s an intense program based on two days a week of quality strength and metabolic work that will leave you stronger, leaner and fit AF!

We do this by utilizing a proven training system and delivering incredibly motivating, fun, and challenging workouts in a small group setting.

The workouts use a mix of strength and conditioning modalities to constantly challenge yourself and see maximum results. We use HIIT, strength circuits, bodyweight, TRX, kettlebells, sandbags, agility drills, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, battle ropes, plyometrics, and more. Every workout is different; you will keep seeing results and challenging your body by never repeating the same workout.

How is Badass Bootcamp and Kim Munson Fitness different from local Health Clubs or Bootcamps?

We couldn’t be any more different. We are not a public gym where you essentially rent access to equipment and we’re not some haphazardly thrown together bootcamp. We are a small outdoor strength and conditioning program committed to functional and athletic based fitness that leaves our clients stronger, leaner, and in better health. We are specifically for those who take their fitness & lifestyle goals seriously. We are for those rare people who are driven to see results, who enjoy pushing themselves to achieve their goals, and who take pride in the hard work and sweat to get there.

We focus on small group training (and also offer personal training), so everyone learns the techniques and movement patterns correctly. We take pride in quality workouts and expect the same quality effort from participants. We will not let you get away with bad form!

Unlike going to a health club, trying to stay motivated and figure out what to do at the gym, at Kim Munson Fitness you will move closer to your goals each and every workout because you’ll be personally coached through each and every session of our proven training system, held accountable and motivated to bring out your best.

This is not plodding away on the treadmill or jumping jacks in the park at some discount bootcamp.  This is a challenging fitness program that will get you stronger, leaner and in better health. This is what delivers results, guaranteed.

What if I Haven’t Worked Out in a While and am Not Very Physically Fit?

Badass Bootcamp is a tough and challenging fitness program. It is designed to be tough and deliver results. That being said, as long as you are determined, motivated and committed to achieving your goals, this is the program for you. Even if you haven’t worked out for awhile, as long as you are willing to give it your best effort, you will see results. You can start slow and as your fitness level and confidence increase we can work together to accelerate your progress. It will not be easy, but you will see results, you will feel results, and you will be happy you stuck with the program, guaranteed.

What if I am already in good shape and workout on my own?

You are the perfect person for Badass Bootcamp! Maybe you’re in good shape but have hit a plateau, or you are a fitness fanatic and want to ramp up your workouts, this program was designed specifically for you. You will get stronger, leaner, and in better shape. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. It is designed to be the perfect complement to your already active lifestyle and will improve any other fitness pursuits. (Many women like to run, hike, mountain bike, cycle, or take other fitness classes throughout the week. This will complement them and get you the results you haven’t been seeing).

What Goes on During The Workouts?

Our workouts are based on an athletic training system where we integrate tools like kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes and medicine balls, with bodyweight exercises and movement based training to maximize your metabolism, allow you to build a lean athletic body, and feel stronger and move better than you have in years.

These workouts are specifically designed to be fast, fun and highly effective. They will leave you sweaty, dirty, and wanting more.

What Types of People Are At Badass Bootcamp?

Women who like to train hard and like to workout like the badasses they are! Our clients come from all walks of life. Their common bond is that they all want to be the best version of themselves and they all want to be part of a community that embraces challenging, fun workouts to help them get there. These are women who lift each other up, who enjoy pushing themselves and each other to be the best they can be, and who pride themselves on quality reps, strength gains,  and perfect form.  They are women who look forward to getting sweaty and getting after it!

Can I Pay Per Workout or Do I Need A Membership?

We are a monthly membership based training program.  To get real results you need to make a real commitment.  We can’t design programs around people who come in once in awhile and can’t guarantee their progress.  With that being said, we know that you may want to try Badass Bootcamp  before you make a long term commitment, so you can do that with our Introductory 50% Off First Month Special. Get the entire month of October for just $52 below.

F’n A! I’m Ready to Get in the Best Shape of My Life. How Do I Sign Up?

Click the link below to fill out the registration form. I will contact you within 24hrs after receiving your registration request to go over the location details and final paperwork.



Badass bootcamp - for women who train hard

To get in the best shape of your life and reach  your strength and fitness goals, register today. Train like a badass and get fit AF!

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  • Don’t forget your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We will refund your money no questions asked… so what are you waiting for? Don’t let another day pass you by or chances are you will never take action. Don’t waste another second settling for mediocre workouts or guessing as to how to get the results you want. Change your life for the better and get started today!