Training Services

Stronger. Leaner. Better.

Sessions are designed to get you maximum results within the shortest amount of time. Programs are based around strength and metabolic training, meaning you will become toned, lean, strong, less-out-of-breath, and in great shape! Workouts also include mobility and flexibility work to keep you moving freely without restrictions and allowing you to reach your maximum potential. All of our programs will get you stronger, leaner, and in better shape!

Sessions can be indoors or outdoors. Indoor sessions are held at Fitness Movement, a brand new private fitness facility located in Campbell, CA. Outside sessions may be at local parks, schools, or appropriate open spaces in San Jose, Willow Glen, Campbell, Saratoga, and other areas of the south bay. If you are interested in any of the below services, contact me for a free consultation and trial session.


Personal Training Options: Personal & Paired

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training gives you a fully customized program to reach your goals. Each session is approximately 45-50 minutes.

Personal Paired Training

Personal training but working out alongside another person. Great for couples or friends who want the results of an individualized program but the company of another person. Sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes.

Group Class Options

Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Want to improve your race times? Get that PR? Feel stronger on your long runs and more powerful in your sprints? These workouts are designed specifically to help runners do what they love best, run! They incorporate athletic based strength and conditioning to increase performance on the track, trail or road.
Suitable for runners of all abilities, they are designed to improve strength, power, muscular endurance, and mobility, while simultaneously sculpting and toning your body. We’ll train the cardiovascular system, core strength, hip mobility, strength and power, and go over proper pre/post exercise recovery.

Get complete info here.


Outdoor Small Group BootcampBootcamp Special Offer $28

Small group bootcamp is limited to 10 people so the trainer can give feedback to each person. This is a great option for anyone seeking to improve their general fitness and strength levels. Classes focus on strength and metabolic training and use a variety of modalities to keep it fun, interesting, and challenging. Workouts are designed so each individual can go at their own pace, and modifications are available for all ability levels. Each class is 45 – 50 minutes. Get more info here.


Faster, longer, stronger. Personal coaching to improve your running.

Private, paired, or small group. Individualized coaching and plans for all things running. From speed and endurance work, form and mechanics, to running specific strength training and conditioning, I help clients prepare for all things running. From newbies to seasoned marathoners, and runners of all ages, I can help you reach your goals. Contact me to discuss your goals and set up a free trial session.

Youth Athletic Training

Speed, Strength & Conditioning, for the Serious Middle School XC and Track Athlete

Private or paired personal training sessions specifically for youth athletes looking to improve their running times, mechanics, and efficiency. Each session lasts 50-60 minutes and may include: active and dynamic warm up, agility drills, running mechanics, speed work, endurance training, core strength, and overall conditioning, all specific to XC and track.

Contact me to set up a free trial session. Training is by appointment on Sat or Sundays.

Athletic Conditioning for Middle & High School Athletes

Private or paired personal training sessions for youth athletes looking to improve their overall fitness. This is non-sport specific fitness training aimed at getting the athlete in better overall condition for all the sports they play. Each session lasts 50-60 minutes and includes a dynamic and active warm up, agility work, speed work, strength and conditioning, and mobility and flexibility training, all tailored specifically to the athlete’s needs. We improve general fitness and athleticism.

Contact me to register and set up a free trial session. Training is by appointment on Sat or Sundays.